Monday, 28 May 2012

Did you know...

that 'Shakta, one of the three most important mainstream forms of Hinduism, is centered on the belief that the creative power of the universe is embodied in female genitalia.'

(The Story of V: A natural history of female sexuality, Catherine Blackerledge, pp 44)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

One more bite? (poetry)

I miss the feel of your skin against mine
The way you used to whisper my name
When we were fucking

I miss the sounds you would make
When I was touching you
Or when you were inside me

And I miss the filthy text conversation
Always a promise of things to come
Made me smile through the day, the perfect foreplay

I miss the conversations we used to share
Intellect against intellect
A different type of stimulation altogether...

I remember when you told me
You couldn’t be with me that way anymore
And I don’t miss the way that made me feel

You showed me the respect of explaining why
Wrong time, space, and place
I understood intellectually, emotionally, that took longer

I know you weren’t just making excuses
And you weren’t just fucking me around
I believe you that it wasn’t because I was faulty or deficient

What we shared was not just about that anyway
But it was part of it
And now it’s all different

There’s a wall, which I know has to be there
A carefully regulated distance must be kept at all times
Not just physically, emotionally too

And I miss sharing that intimacy with you
On all levels
I miss knowing you want to let me near you

And even now, when I see you
It still sometimes feels
As if you’re this huge carrot dangling in front of me

I don’t usually like carrots
But sometimes I wish
I could take one more bite of you

Judi Reed, 2012