Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Two paths (poetry)

Suddenly appear

I mean really what are the chances?
Quite good as it appears in my case

I’ve become so accustomed to my barren landscape
It has been my home
I’ve allowed myself to wander
The dunes of my mind
For perhaps too long

Yes, I found
And drank thirstily
At the oasis within myself
On my journey
And it revived me
And it was good

But once revived
Not one path, but two
Suddenly appeared

Each one offers riches to my soul
But in vastly different ways
Each one connects with parts of me
That I want to be touched.

But, in such very different ways
Or perhaps not
Maybe the two paths can converge
Maybe they will meet
Maybe I can have both?
Is that greedy?

Maybe I can have both
Maybe they actually can converge
I hope
Maybe the richness
That that would bring,
Does truly exist

And my trek
Across the barren sands
Has been about
Taking me there

- Judi Reed, 2012

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